You are friend with my currywurst, ja?

So now we know, if all else fails, when trying to make friends, a gentle grope and grind is the perfect solution to a dead conversation.

After being misled by a kind and very… friendly young man on campus, the group found ourselves dining the high class at a doner kebab house. Where the girls found themselves under the gracious company of a certain hairy-chested, sunglasses-sporting geriatric, a meeting instigated by the realisation that one of them was having a certain groin thrusted against the back of her chair. Upon “standing guard” over the girls, the man sought conversation with Aaron and myself, was riveting to say the least. One handshake short of a friendship.

Most wonderful moment has to be when leaving the kebab house, we turned to see him standing at the street corner, one hand very far into his pocket. Clearly it’s very important to grasp every aspect of a country’s culture.

In other news, I found I can buy shots for 29c. Possibly the most important news since arriving.


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