Heidelberg, we apologise :D

So last night saw the Erasmus body descend upon the city of Heidelberg in an alcohol-consuming, Inbetweeners-quoting explosion of multiple cultures brought together for the single purpose of getting wasted. Somewhere along the way I also managed to guzzle down Bratwurst, Chips and a slice of Pizza :S Germany does not allow drunken lie-ins, as the blazing sun melted my room from 9am onwards. So, forced to wake up, I start adding the numerous names I’d saved onto my phone during the course of the night and “FRIEND”ing them on Facebook. Was all in all, a pretty damn good way to round of the first week in Germany.

In other news, first words are possibly the most annoying thing to come up with for a novel. I have leapt from; “With a guilty stomach, David continued passed the man on the floor”, to “Stomach full of guilt, David avoided the man’s eyes as he strode past”, even to “Ignoring the guilt in his stomach, David…”. I feel paralysed by the thought that it’s the opening the sentence that needs to draw someone in, and somehow reach the conclusion that it needs to let them know the mood, tone, ideologies, sense of humour and relationship advice that they will find within this book. I can’t even brick lay the words, and just continue past them planning to return to it later, as if I’m not happy with the sentence at the time of writing, that will affect the quality of everything that follows. I feel as if making the wrong choice will condemn the rest of the novel, and by the time I’ve come round to the realisation that it doesn’t really matter, I’m already 2 hours down the line and playing Pokemon.


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