Toilet Mobile.

Words must be had with German T-Mobile, after having only topped up my phone balance by €15 three days ago, and having sent 8 texts since then, I am back to having no credit. Something is afoot.

In other news, when coming back from shopping this afternoon, I passed a lovely Italian girl as she made her way into the toilet. Upon entering my room, I watched an episode of One Piece, when finished, I left my room to take out rubbish… passing the same girl coming out of the toilet. Either multiple trips are all the rage, or there’s something about the female toilet experience that I have never encountered.

With today’s humidity and glare, this has not be a successful writing day. Ah well, time to test out the night clubs that Heidi offers.


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  1. Rob
    Sep 12, 2011 @ 17:30:44

    Past, turn your internet off, it sucks up credit like a Dyson.

    Also, Hello!
    Good to see you’re stumbling your way along successfully lol.


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