Reciting Dance Moves

So today I found out that the Erasmus program will definitely be for the whole year. For the past few weeks, even before coming to Heidelberg, I have been dancing with the idea of maybe only doing 6 months. This idea was then reinforced when it turns out I’m only registered at Heidel-Uni for that long and will need to re-register and pay the full charge again in order to do the 2nd Semester, for the same price as flying back to England.

It had been tempting to balance 6 months in Germany, to then return to England for work and theatre placements/internships, it would have also had been an opportunity to spend more time with friends from home during the year out before final year. However, as I found today, the English Department at Surrey doesn’t allow for a combined year course of Erasmus and work. So am in this for the long haul, which is great, I just need to make sure I fill up my summer upon return with any placements.

It feels weird now to definitely know my plans, outside of becoming pregnant (a medical miracle in itself), I shall be hanging out in gorgeous Heidelberg until July. And that element of definite clarity is something odd, after having spent months playing with the idea of messing around with my plans, to know for absolute that it won’t happen, is a curious feeling. I’ve never lived a life of absolutes, but rather always tried to fill time with random spontaneity. This should be a good grounding experience.

I now know I have an entire 10 months to absolutely live it up in Germany, cannot wait! Here’s to a year long lifetime! Lass uns gehen!!!


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