Just found this.

This isn’t the original layout, so the flow is lost a bit, but a silly poem anyway. The original draft was about sitting on the toilet.

It’s a narrative poem, which is centred around looking from a differing perspective. You read it down the first time, and then read each line again, but going upwards, to see the other perspective of the story.

Down and Up Again

make a move

it’s time to

forget that idea

and just

stay where you are

they’re upstairs

waiting for you

it’s like they’re



whilst you sit there

too afraid to say anything

only one person

atop the stairwell to


you’ve been to hell and

back yet it’s like

they didn’t kiss you

they only waited


like all the times over

petty disputes

you fear those

awkward silences

let them become

too much

stop trying

self pity

give up



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