Music, music everywhere and not a note to sing.

So the past few days have been rather music focused. Friday night saw an impromptu trip to see Friska Viljor perform life at a local gig. Joining fellow Surrey boy, Chris and the charming Germanic Ilena. Swedish band, sang in English. The following day, The Bonhoeffer crew found ourselves in Mannheim, attending a free music festival at the Schloss (Castle, lols), including some pretty operatic, yet awesome, covers of Queen. 

So… is it believed that singing in English is the best chance for international appeal? The only music genre I can think of that’s not dominated by the English language is Opera. And you know, that’s… well, Opera. Is English the most marketable language?

If so, why the hell am I learning German?! I don’t give a crap about Rammstein.


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