On this day….

2009: I was sat in my room in London, the car had been packed the previous night. My room was missing essential items, my laptop, desk lamp, little tidbits here and there were absent, even my teddy bear/dog Barker had left! All because they were stuffed into the car, ready to travel down south to Surrey University. It was moving in day. After getting into the car, shouting “WAIT!”, leaping out the car, running to the toilet, leaping back into the car, we charged down to what would be my new home, filled with expectations and butterflies.

2010: I was sat in my room in Surrey, having remained in Guildford for most of the summer. My housemates and I were sat with a beer (each, not sharing you fools) listening to the Student radio, GU2’s broadcast about the moving in weekend. We took ourselves outside, realising how much had changed, and toasting a cheer to having met on this day one year previously. This action caused beer to “accidentally” rain down like a fountain. Throwing on a new T-shirt, I headed onto campus, meeting up with some MADSoc friends, we observed the Surrey Angels helping newbies moving, ourselves offering to carry one or two suitcases before going for a drink in the Student’s Union as a reward for all our hard work.

2011: I am sat in my room in Heidelberg, writing this whilst staring out at the mountains before me. Distance is just another game to play with, and right now the only distance I need to worry about is travelling into town to celebrate the Heidelberger Hebst a massive festival that takes over the entire city, consider it the posh man’s Oktoberfest. Lots of beers and sausages later and my home away from home away from home will seem a lot more blurry.

To those back home, it’s the start of a new year. Show those Fresher’s what Surrey can do and just what they have to live up to.


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