Diagnosis please?

Since Friday I’ve been “ill”. A term so broad it can cover anything, not as bad as “sick” but somehow worse than “under the weather”… Though I have to question what being above the weather would pertain. This has caused me to miss classes as I have just been unable to pull myself out of bed, which is the excuse I’m sticking with. It feels like a 24 hour sugar low. Normally I function regardless of illness but this one, I’ve found quite incapacitating. (Just as that word is to pronounce)

Every morning I wake up in pain, each joint hurts and my eyes sting, I feel extremely weak. However, if I lie in bed for a while, this fades. What replaces it is a short time of nausea. I come very close to throwing up each morning. This, erm… “morning sickness” then goes of its own accord and I am absolutely fine. For a few hours. For about 4 hours or so of the day, I have energy, I can do all the normal stuff a 21 year old can do. However, as the evening comes on, I become incredibly drained and tired. Not sleepy, just… heavy, I feel like I’ve aged about 60 years. I go to bed, but am unable to sleep (though this is natural insomnia for me) I then finally do drop off and wake up ready to start this all again.

I think I’m pregnant.



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