Auf Wiedersehen Sprachkurs!!

On a quick update from before, I have been saved by the delightful Yemi and her spare phone. The newly bought one still won’t charge and shall be returned from whence it came, hopefully along with a reimbursement.

Now for something completely different… My days of sitting in a room, lost out of my head and panicking about letting everyone else around me down, can now be reserved for English spoken seminars! As the German Intensive Language course has finally ended! I entered the country not knowing a word and one month later… now know a few of them. Finally, no more waking up at 6am or struggling to understand what the teacher is saying (Unless they’re speaking in a welsh accent, then it’s allowed), and no more having to spend ridiculous amounts of money on pointless books and CDs.

What’s that? The English Literature reading list?


But alas! Never mind for tomorrow we be off to Oktoberfest… for once actually celebrating it during October!! In a group 30 mixed nationalities we are striding our way to the station ready to show Munich why foreigners should never be allowed onto German soil.

Here’s to getting



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