I am in love…

… with a library.

Ok, so there’s the English department, fairly simple, nice looking building. Unsurprisingly, there’s a library, or bibliotech. Inside which is a fairly ordinary room, a whole wall full of DVDs from full series of The Sopranos to Mr Bean, newspapers, books, novels, comics. But off to the other side, almost hidden from view is a spiral staircase that winds downward, leading you underground into an arched cavern of a room, filled to the brim with books, ancient and modern. Calling from the pages are the smells of worded history and scribbled ideas. With desks to work at and little alcoves to crawl into, this may become my new home.

It lacks the grandiose and beauty of the elegant, museum-like main library, whose marble staircases and painted cathedral-esque ceilings attract more wonder than comfort, but is filled with potential and a quaint excitement of possibilities.

In other news, to help with my reading, I decided to buy volume 1 of the Naruto manga series, a book I know so well that reading in German should be a doddle. Right? What’s that? Direct German translations of Japanese? Hmm.

Japanese: Kage Bunshin No-Jutsu

Direct Translation: Shadow Copy Technique

English Version: Shadow Clone Jutsu

German version: Schatten Doppel-Ganger.

Direct English Translation: Double Ganger shadow.

Sure, why not?


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