Lunar Madness

We don't like clay penguins...

October has rolled in, the days are being gnawed away by darkness and the sunny weather fell down a well and can’t seem to get back up! Winter is on its way, and just today did I realise that I’ve actually been at this blogging business for a whole month now! 23 posts in 32 days, one must apologise for the lack of posts recently, it would appear that not only can inspiration be drawn from experience but so can laziness! Doing things like travelling to and from Munich, Stuttgart and Mannheim, as well as sorting out the bloody Orientation nonsense, can leave me feeling a little bit parched for words.

This has been both my most active, and yet seemingly unproductive month in a long, long time. Gone are the days of 2nd year, each sun dance filled with meetings, contracts, workshops, rehearsals, writing courses, production conferences, lectures and occasional seminars that I actually attended and gone too are the playstation marathons, spontaneous ventures to the students union, bizarre trips to random locations, and even the days of lying on the sofa watching TV with friends. What took their place, took a time to find. In a hallway of 50 foreigners, with locked doors and language barriers preventing conversation, finding people to talk to was a gradual, arduous but altogether rewarding experience. You can find brilliant people anywhere. The language course should’ve kept me going but rather than help me ease into the country, it made me fear each coming weekday morning. To make up for this, however, were the trips, the Erasmus barcrawls where you found that the language of alcohol was universal, random adventures to learn more about this fat old land we’ve found ourselves in. I’ve been to more vibrantly different parts of the country in the last 30 days than I had in any given year in England.

Yet still, it feels like I haven’t achieved anything. After spending a year of my life in Presidency of MADSoc, & all that entails, as well as living in the wonderful Ashenden Rd, working with the NT and busying myself with a variety of projects, coming to a new year where I literally have no day-to-day agenda in a land where I know no one has left an odd discontent; a man falling out of a schedule. But such is the excitement of new places; even cement needs some time to settle. Very little writing has occurred, there is little tangible evidence as to the work I’ve put into this month, but what there is are hours of memories, a few too many photos, and new friends that I look forward each day to spending my time with. With the English Literature course beginning on Tuesday, and new unseen projects awaiting around the corner, here’s to October and the start of a new University semester.


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