One day I’ll be free

I use Linux. Ubuntu to be precise. I’d changed because I’d had enough for Windows crashing, freezing and generally being slow. For the first few months we had a lovely working relationship; an incredible processing speed, accessible interface, easy enough word processor, and was mostly compatible with Windows technology. The first issue I encountered was when my wonderful friend Rachael asked if I would be up for editing a music video. Unfortunately no video editing software I possessed was compatible; what resulted was a harrowing experience of editing the video in the university labs whilst downloading and processing videos onto my laptop via feeds. It got the job done, eventually.

Oh I should have changed to Windows then. But alas, even then did I keep it! Soon came the time when I was able to receive my Not Another Pantomime video recording from MADtv, imported onto my hard drive was 45gb worth of completely uncompressed recording. Easy, just burn that to DVD to sell. But the formatting with Linux won’t allow me to burn this particular state of .avi to DVD. Hm, ok… convert? Video source unreadable apparently. In the end, the decision came to export it onto a friend’s harddrive so we can edit it there. Except Linux has decided that whilst I may import 45gb worth of video, I cannot export more than 4gb. The final option was to upload the video onto a server, but for some reason, Linux has decided it doesn’t want to cooperate with upload servers. And as it turns out, MADtv have lost/deleted their own copy of the show. I have the only copy of the recording, and it is trapped on an operation system that won’t let it go!

And as time moves on, more annoyed do I become with the increasing number of issues Linux has… such as not saving notes/annotations made to a word document I spent three hours editing for a friend to then reopen it, finding that all annotations had been removed. Windows, I’m sorry for leaving you, please will you take me back? I just need to find away to get the fucking show off my laptop and onto a server, DVD, harddrive… ANYTHING!! And then I can escape the unhelpful, nerd-focused operating system that is useful for work, and work only. Nothing fun.

Hopefully this marks the end of my Technology rants. I hope.


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