University in reverse.

Saturday was the first night in what can only be described as Heidelberg’s “Union”, or closest thing to it. The Marstal Mensa transformed itself into a DJ-focused, strobe lit, awkwardly-designed dance floor. Having spent practically every Wednesday and Friday of my 1st & 2nd years of Uni in Rubix, I’m well accustomed to bizarrely designed night clubs, annoyingly placed poles and all, and with the music basically being the exact same playlist; David Guetta to Black Eyed Peas, with a little Lady Gaga thrown in for good measure, it might as well have just been the same place. More interestingly enough was the “bar” upstairs, a slightly quieter room with sofas, disco balls and wicker chairs, feeling more like a School Disco based on what the Headmaster believes to be “hip”. It was, however, a very good night out, I missed being able to dance like an idiot. Here’s the rule to life: Don’t go to clubs to be sexy, no one is sexy in clubs, you’re either sweaty or sleazy. Anything else is a plus.

It was weird thinking that this was the exact reverse of my first month at Surrey, almost to the day. I moved in on the 27th, and our entire night life was focused on the Student’s Union, I never ventured off campus except to shop or go to restaurants. It wasn’t until 1 month in that I experienced night life out on the town. At Heidelberg, every night time adventure was a bar-hopping extravaganza, where we’ve finally managed to get to know the area through drunkenly wandering around, and only one month into our time here, have we gone to the “Union”, which I believe is a weekly occurrence. Hello new addition to schedule!

Tomorrow is the first seminar. It’s finally begun, the very reason for my coming to Germany; University. “Recent Irish Novels”, followed by “Colonialist Shakespeare”, as always, my reading is not up to scratch, as I only found out I was confirmed for R.I.N this morning, so haven’t really read the 4 novels we’re meant to be examining. I know what I’m buying in the morning! Time to pack my bag, be a geek and get on it! GERMAN STYLE!


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