First report.

And so ends my first day of Seminars, I am once again a fully fledged, waste of society’s funds, unappreciative English Literature student. My impression of Heidelberg’s English course so far… mixed.

We begin our tale with Recent Irish Novels, focusing on the works of John Banville, Anne Enright and Sebastian Barry; all of which being writers I’ve wanted to read for a long time, but… y’know, can’t be arsed. The module structure looks good; I do NOT have to take an exam at the end of thankfully, but can choose only to do a term paper. YATTA!! The lesson itself… Hmm. Sitting amongst 15 students, it was disappointing to see that only about 3 actually spoke, the rest sat there, arms folded and sour faced. There’s being nervous and then there’s being like you’re going to beat the tutor to death with your handbag if they look at you. It was a shame, as the tutor tried hard to initiate conversation, but no one seemed bothered.

Colonialist Shakespeare followed, with an incredibly indepth look at the opening scenes of “The Merchant of Venice”, the class was crammed, but thankfully so were the ideas. It looked like everyone had something to say on each topic that was raised, so much so that the Tutor actually had to rush forward and skip over some details, such as Portia’s evident racism/prejudices that aid the theme of the story. Meh, she’s just a frumpy cow. The class continued, and we compared the text to the film adaptation starring Al Pacino, with some slightly too interrogative ideals from the Tutor; “Al Pacino, what did you think was amazing about his performance?”. It turned into a session of bumming the text, which given the latent homoerotica, should not be all that difficult.

So glad to be analysing texts again, and in-depth this time, rather than 2 hours a week devoted to a single novel that is the University of Surrey way of doing things. A thoroughly eye opening day of education! However, it is now time to pub it and forget all that has been learnt. Ciao!


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