How long is a weekend?

And so ends my week.

Wednesday saw me darting from a language exam, after only writing down my name: due to the illness that made me miss the final week of the last course, I’ve decided to go back to beginners, and running to the second half of my seminar; Superfluous Men: Hamlet and his Russian Counterparts. Apparently, not satisfied with simply bastardising their own art, the soviet union decided to see Shakespeare as an allegory for their own political impotence. I’m sure if Shakespeare gave a crap for real international politics, rather than making his own, they might be onto something. Still, ’tis a fun, challenging Hauptseminare all the same. Thursday was a day of loss; in that for 45 minutes Chris and I could not find the building our seminar was in, and for the following 2 hours, I became lost in a confused orgy of bizarre opinions in the Religion and Science in America seminar.

So to clarify, I have seminars on Tues, Weds and Thurs. Suck it. Though I will add that 3 of my modules I’ve taken up are in fact Masters modules… So that’ll be fun in a I-want-die kind of way. You know, for shits and giggles. Today I signed up to the Language course; yes in Germany you do an exam for a course before applying to attend it. This is a country whose language doesn’t allow for punchlines, so what can you expect?


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