A predicabubblement!!

In life, we encounter many roads, some covered in horse poo, others of broken tarmac that’ll snap you if you fall too hard. I have 2 adjacent roads to take, the sprachkurs or a drama production.

The Sprachkurs: A 6-month 4 hour a week Language course, that costs me £75 and will hopefully teach me German, but will probably be  as scary as the previous intensive month.

The Drama thing: An audition for Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” is being held next Thursday, chances are that IF I get a part, the rehearsals will most likely be at the same time as the Sprachkurs.

Yes all of this balances on possibilities; IF I get a part it MIGHT be at the same time. The temptation to not do the sprachkurs thusly saving myself £75 but also freeing up my timetable from such an unenjoyable experience, is rather high indeed! I don’t WANT to do the course, but it’s something that should be taken advantage of. What I hope is that IF I get a part, I have permission to be late to rehearsals. Extra annoying because I had a choice to do the course at 4-6pm, but that’s the time I have a module on a Wednesday.

Balls. Or as Shakespeare would say; canker-blossom.


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