Exempt from the rule.


Insomnia came round to play last night, for the third night in a row, what can I say, he’s a party animal. Not getting asleep until 7, one can understand that it was difficult to rise in the morning. But up I get, for after all, if I miss 2 seminars per semester, I fail the module! One bizarrely choreographed dance of dressing and a high speed brushing of the teeth later, and I was pelting toward the bus stop,catching the eye of a friend, who then promptly fell off his bike.

My eyes evidently have that power.

In the course of helping him to his feet, I missed my bus! Alas, await another 10minutes whilst a balding man stares for a worryingly long time at my groin. Get to town but the bus was the 34 and not the 35 and anybody whose anybody knows that the 34 only takes you to Bismarktplatz and not Marstallstrasse, so off I get and hurry I do to get there on time weaving through dawdling Germans and wandering pigeons! Wonderful, I just made it in the nick of time!

To find my tutor is ill and class is off for the day.


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