Catch up!


Unfinished projects are always a pain the backside, particularly when one’s unfinished project may involve your very own backside. In this situation however, I realised that I’ve developed a habit of writing blogs, but not finishing them, so as the day continues, I shall be posting these blogs, rounding off each paragraph. In which, I hope to be writing a little less like a nonce.


Anyone mind explaining how, when you don’t have a seminar until 4pm, you can somehow leave everything you need to do that day until 3.59pm? I have the whooooooole day to myself and any silveries that may pertain, yet do bugger all until I need to leave. Youtube, thou art mine nemesis. The seminar, however, was awesome. Even if someone did categorically say that Hamlet was 100% thirty years old. (For those who haven’t had Shakespeare shoved down their throat – his works, I mean – Hamlet’s age is unconfirmed except for a line stated by a Gravedigger in Act 5 that has appeared different in each version, implying that Hamlet is either 16, 17, 27 or 30. But the more popular one gets taken as fact. Hm.) Still, at least we haven’t gotten onto the categorical fact that Hamlet definitely fancied his mother…

Today was the day of the drama society’s first meeting, aside from one American whose name I shan’t ever be able to pronounce, I was the only on there for whom english was their first language. Turns out the castings for Hamlet and As You Like It have mostly been done and all that’s left are small parts but should be fun nonetheless. Met a wicked dude who dressed like Sherlock Holmes, and told me he would give his right arm be British. I think I’d gladly take that right arm and beat some sense into him with it 😛


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