K. So failed in not sounding like a nonce. How very homosexual. Also failed in making those posts last all day, but when you’ve gotta make a full sunday roast alongside 5 others, some priorities get lost. If it helps, it was the most delicious roast ever, and you didn’t get any of it. HA!



I did something I haven’t properly done in over 2 years, and that was audition. Back in Second year, I auditioned for a Theatre Studies production “echo”, which unfortunately never saw light, but that was just 5 minute improv, barely anything. However, not since I stepped trembling into the second MADSoc workshop, holding a script for the character of Goodford, all the way back in my first year of university, have I had to perform like that in front of a panel of judges. Found out as well that all the big parts had already been cast over the summer, which I think is pretty unfair for new students, but ahh wellities, still gave it ago.

Best moment was halfway through the audition, I was asked to push the guy I was acting alongside. OK sure. I looked up at the man I was gonna have to shove, and kept on looking up. In what was possibly the most limp-wristed act of violence ever, I pushed the 6’4” giant’s chest whilst tantruming about penury.

He fell back about half a step.


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  1. Byron Williams (@ByronsStory)
    Oct 27, 2011 @ 00:18:17

    Ohhhh bless you. ❤ *hug*


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