Bussy bleh.

You don’t wipe your arse whilst you’re still shitting, do ya? And on this same note, people of Heidelberg and other German transport stops: when people are getting OFF a bus, you wait for them to do so, before forcing your way on.

Initially I thought it was an example of a far more relaxed culture, until today when I had to actually push back a man and hold him there whilst an old lady took her time to step down onto the pavement. The eager fool had made the first step that would’ve caused an onslaught of people to barge onto the bus, which would’ve knocked me sideways, and thrown the woman to the floor. Seriously, if you’re that desperate for a seat, buy some more furniture.

In other news, I have received the part of Oliver in As You Like It which is rather lovely, and have also been given a few small roles in Hamlet, before then being asked to choreograph and teach the sword combat in act 5. Someone’s going to get kebab’d :/


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