I keel yew

Be with Hoot my child, now go find me a young mouse.

Last Night saw me attend the first rehearsal of the semester for the Anglistik drama group’s production of Hamlet, and upon asking Last Night of his opinion, it was good. Was interesting entering a production where the cast had been chosen previously, being the odd one out in a collection of established friendships, in-jokes and mutual experiences can be a tad off putting in theory. Thankfully, they’re a pretty wicked bunch with whom settling in was not an issue. Especially when it came to engaging in characterisation, where for one of my roles, a priest, it was decided the best animal to impersonate was an owl. What a hoot. Post-rehearsal pub times showed that evidently there’s a subatomic focus running through all drama groups and no matter where you are, it will be the same wherever you go. When there’s alcohol, music and dramatic personas, all is well.

Still bricking it about having to choreograph the duel, what I thought was going to be an “assistant” job is now looking to be a fully fledged, all-responsible dramatic duty. Incompetence = death xD

Flight home got booked too! 17th December to the 7th January, missing the final week of term, because I actually want a holiday. Permission has been granted which gives me 49 days to live it up in ol’ Heideltown before carting back for the celebratory gift to the world.

In other news, I dreamed I was a lesbian. Felt too real for comfort.


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