I left my what in what?

You know you’ve become too much of a regular when a local pub asks you, on Facebook no less, if you could come round to help put up Halloween decorations. That’s my Monday afternoon sorted, bwaha!

However, it is time to become very un-local for the next couple of days as I am off to Freiburg. Freiburg you say? On Freitag? Shudder the thought! (Yep, that was exactly what you were thinking!) ’tis the day to see Isabel, my merry companion of Jailbreaks, Who Doctors and Channies Challenges. Nothing like a spontaneous, cross-country train ride, having not seen the cursed wench since August, it is time to hitch up our nostalgia and run like the wind or something. So yeah probs not going blogs for 3 days in a row, but that tends to be a fairly regular occurrence anyhow.

Before going, I will ask you this, how much dub can a dub step dub if a dubstep dub stepped dub?

And remember, you all only have one true wrinkle, and you’re sitting on it.


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