Fry Burger


So that was Freiburg. A metropolitan city of wonder where each street has its own little moat. After three hours of train journeyingness, which involved a slight panic attack at each changeover of “have I got on the wrong train” due to the fact that none of the trains chose to show their upcoming stops once you’d boarded them (I actually missed the South West Trainline’s long, arduously slow ramble of what stops the train would be stopping at) I arrived in Freiburg, resorting to having to climb up onto a metal signpost for the young, wonderful and wicked Isabel Lich to actually notice me!

Pretty creepy to hear me on the phone; “I can see you. Look up.”

The sun had already set by this point so there was no sightseeing to be done so instead we did the normal thing upon arriving in a German city, and went for an Italian meal. Which included as an extra treat a Waiter who didn’t seem to understand about the whole clearing-up-plates business. Must be some new fangled thing. Following that it was drinkies time. Though drinkies had to wait for us to traipse through around 6 different bars before finding one with spare seats! But a good laugh we all did have and rather merry we became! The first nightclub of the Freiburg adventure was Kamikaze. Which to be honest, sounds like the last adventure you’ll ever have. An odd assortment of smoky dance floors, high-priced drinks and… archaic video games, Kamikaze proved a good welcome to the pretty city. The music choices were a good blend of British and Continental, so helped bring back the Rubixian joy when dancing with Isabel.

The day of Samstag saw the slowest waking up process available, after which Isabel showed me the sights, from the little Bachle (these streams that run through the streets) to an epic cathedral containing the one thing all cathedrals should… a gargoyle’s arse pointing in the direction of the slave driver/architect’s house. But after much food and laughter, and finding out I really like flammenkuchen!!, sleep deprivation kicked in and we both had a nap.


Overall, it was a fantastic weekend away. Getting to live, dance and laugh with a little bit of home away from home as well as meeting her new friends, experiencing another city’s nightlife and being able to put another club conquered under ye old belt, was a truly awesome experience. I learned also, that sometimes opportunities are there for a reason, especially the opportunities that are worth it, and the rejection of such, is a regrettable mistake. With lessons learned, hangovers acquired and happiness achieved, I settled back on the annoyingly long train ride home.


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