We don’t celebrate Halloween. We obliterate it.

C-c-c-combo breaker!!!

I suppose it makes sense, given what a fat country Germany is (I’m referring to the land mass, not the jiggle factor) it would make sense for different cultures to blossom, in England we have the Southerners who eat crumpets and believe the Northerners hate them, and we have the North who eat pies and think the Southerners hate them. But I’ve never seen such massive contrast of approaches to the holiday thing that is Halloween. First off, there’s the 31st October, the night of trick and treating which appears to be considered devillish in some areas, and honourable in others. To “trick or treat” also seems to follow the original pattern, as was once enacted in Britain and Ireland of “soulling” in which people in costume would sing door-to-door songs of the dead for cake, rather than the slightly more threatening, commercialised give-me-chocolate-or-be-punished.

Halloween is also not considered a “Holiday” as in the North American nature, but rather one of those times that for reasons forgotten, people like to dress up. Commercial areas are not decorated to reflect the celebration, and the only places you’ll find any recognition would be in Irish Pubs or night clubs specifically catering to Halloweeners.

The following day is the “holiday” for parts of Germany, in areas of the south and west, it’s a bank holiday where all shops are shut and people stay with their families. But in other areas, such as Berlin, it’s one of the most commercially busy and viable days of the year. This habit is then looked down upon by other areas of the country who feel it’s barbaric to be working on such a holy day. I think what I’m getting at is, Germany, can’t we just accept that chocolate and face paint is fun?

To be honest, we just got drunk and danced the night away.


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