Christmas wishes.

So, haven’t paid for my internet yet. We have the first 3 or 4 or something something months free, but we still have to pay for the installation of the modem, which as far as I know, I have not. With each passing day, my internet seems to be growing slower and slower. I fear that this is a very well meditated German styled punishment for skivers. Still, it ain’t Italy, where the fine for not paying TV License is less than the TV License itself. Che cazzo!

November has come and Heidelberg is beginning to show its Christmas roots. With 15 days until the Weihnachstmarkt, several stalls have begun to emerge, alongside random Santas popping up here and there, advertising gymnasiums of all things. I guess delivering all those presents over a 24 hour period requires a good figure. Y’know, for a character with totally realistic objectives. The Winter Market in Heidelberg is apparently one of the most renowned, from ice rinks to festive fayres all under the beautiful location that is Heidelberg. Such is the beauty of the town already and with the ever increasing festivities, so grows my wish to have someone to share it with. On the cusp of the news that a good friend has had to drop out from visiting me this term due to funds, and me never having the balls to actually ask someone to come visit, I am reminded that this is very definitely 500km and, at best, £100 from my home. There stabs inside my gut the little wish for indulgence where I could take someone along with me and show them just the splendour of the town, that I may be able to see it through their eyes and as thus, maybe find a new appreciation for it. Winter is, for me, the most romantic period, but also, I guess the most lonely.

Thankfully, I don’t need someone else’s eyes to see the beauty of Heidelberg , and even less do I need to look far for fantastic people to enjoy it with. The ski rink will definitely find a laurence-shaped hole on its surface before too long, the roasted chestnuts vendors will regret ever lifting their slacks, and the less said about the cotton-candy sellers, the better. Continue I will to fight the natural compulsion to share, be it film, anime, band or joke. If it were just mine, it was no fun, but to share was glorious. Hence, y’know, this internet ramble that is the blog. It’s the first world problem of having something so wonderful, you can’t see it as a novelty.

If you put the whole of the universe in your backyard, what do you then have? A backyard. (11th Doctor)

Two months ago, I wanted to go back to Guildford and London. This month, I want to bring them here. Who knows, maybe by March, I’ll want us to meet midway in Paris. Oh yeah, that’s a point, I need to somehow save whatever little money I have for a trip to Amsterdam. That’ll be messy! What better thing to do when your own city is setting itself up for a beauteous celebration? Why, go to another country of course! The question is… road trip or train ride?! Decisions are like kisses, you love the build up, the moment feels excellent, but the second it’s been made, you think you could’ve done it better. Or maybe that’s just me. I’m sure everyone else instigates the kiss with a headbutt, right?


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