Schwimmbad? Excuse me, I swim perfectly well thank you!

Today was the first time in around 4 years that I went swimming! Having spent most of my life too self-conscious to ever be in that situation, I bit the chlorine bullet and dived straight in. Mind you this was only because the gym on the SRH Campus has no cardio vascular machines aside from one Cycling machine that may as well be called the Ball-Buster, it being possibly the most uncomfortable thing in the world.

So with no cardio machines to work on, I was deprived from my usual routine of treadmill-cycling-rowing that I’m ever so fond of. The realisation struck that the only thing to do in order to regain fitness would be swimming. I am aware of many other alternatives, but swimming is more fun! However, suddenly going swimming became a hassle! It wasn’t until Monday that I could buy any swimming gear, coming to a wonderful £22 worth, despite my desire not to spend ANY money! Ah well, a flat stomach is sooo worth it… Throw in some odd opening times of 7am-7.45am. 1.15pm-7.30pm and I found myself unable to go swimming yesterday. What with my sleeping patter ailing me, I missed out on my afternoon opportunity today, choosing to hurry home after my seminar and throw myself into the super smelly, brightly blue and cruelly cold water.

I hasten to add that I had gotten changed for swimming first.

There’s something in the weightlessness of swimming, the multidimensionality that provides a great sense of freedom, despite my arms wanting to drop off after 10 minutes. The plan is everyday. How well I shall keep to this is unknown, but if I enjoyed tonight’s session after all this time, I can see myself having more fun with progress. Even if I was overtaken several times by a man at least twice my age.


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