Moving Away.

What drives people to move away from home, and what makes other people stay at home? Ever since I was wee lad, I had some sort of plan in mind, I’d always expected to go to Secondary School, do A-levels, then University and then get a job. I was the product of quintessentially middle class British grooming. There were obviously points when I considered leaving School after GCSEs, or doing an apprenticeship, but even then these were “breaks from the norm” as far as I was concerned.

But the one thing I always had gathered even back in infants, was that I was going to “move away” when I was a big hairy grown up. I thought that this was just what people did. It’s for this reason that I’ve never understood people who go away to university and then go back and live in the same town they grew up in. This isn’t a criticism of those who do, merely a curiosity. It seems odd to me to spend 18 or so years of your life in the same place, then 3 years away getting higher education, and then going back to your home for the rest of your life. I guess fondness, nostalgia and families come into it, but I was just always so used to relatives travelling from far away to visit one another I never thought twice. My expectation was always to just go wherever the best job I wanted would take me. Not find the best job in my local area that accommodated my desire to stay put.

It’s not that I don’t love my home, it’s just I see that part of the world as where I lived my childhood, and in my pigeon-hole mind, it seems fair to then categorise another area for living my adulthood. The closest I come to understanding this is in regards to University, where the very finite situation of being 2 roads away from each other changes after 3 years and everyone goes back whence they came. The ease of socialising altering from “hanging out” into “visiting”. That concept is very alien to me, but efforts will be made to stay in contact, though the balance may change slightly, friendships adapt and grow.

I’m rambling about this, because ever since my German-Halloween post, people have messaged me about different cultures blossoming for no apparent reason. And last night, this one entered my mind.

In other news I dived to the bottom of the swimming pool today and haven’t been able to hear properly since. Yay?


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