Shakespeare Shenanigans.

Friday saw the first read-through for the Anglistik Drama group’s production of “As You Like It”. Given that this read-through occurred 4 weeks after the initial casting, I was already in unfamiliar territory. This appears to be a production that structures itself the cast’s schedules, rather than the other way round. Gone are the days of 3 hour rehearsals, 3 times a week, which I daresay is a blessing… especially if I need to turn in 3 20-page essays soon. Yeah, about that… Hmm.

Considering how well everyone in the group speaks English, it never even occurred to me that they would have any trouble with Shakespearean language, and it wasn’t until we sat down and began that the realisation actually hit me. However, everyone spoke it brilliantly and fluidly enough that I felt an almost condescending amount of awe at their skill with the language. I can’t imagine speaking a foreign language’s archaic older brother and getting out anywhere coherent. I found myself slipping up on the words as I was so desperate not to be “that guy” who just sits there smoking a carrot and riffling off sonnets. Yeah, we hate that guy.

Was good, it’s weird to think I’ll be working on this production for the next 8 months, we’re having a ripe little Shakespearean baby!


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