So you lose because you snooze thanks to booze.

Ok, I can accept the fact that society is structured and so, to keep up with a sense of control, we have schedules. I can even a accept that these schedules rely heavily on diligence and devotion to upkeep a functioning system. What I cannot understand is where, within this bubble of mediocre sovreignity, we have developed an addiction to the snooze button. Why, in all of God’s possibly-not-real world, does there exist the snooze button? I can appreciate the existence of a second alarm that goes off should you not wake at the first one, that’s sort of like an automatic snooze system. But why give me the temptation to deliberately give myself oh, I dunno, another 10 minutes of sleep, because no matter what, this 10 minutes will invariably transform into 60 minutes and then we’re all up clock creek without a cog.

Sleepy me is not a logical me, and I will find that if whatever I’m waking up to do is worth another 10minutes of sleep beforehand, then clearly it doesn’t matter that much. I am only human, a sleep-deprived, sex-dreaming shell of a worker who just wants to return to his comfortable bed. It doesn’t help that when you sleep, you’re body goes numb and thus the bed feels extra comfortable when you wake up. I’ve even tried to set my alarm earlier to allow for more “snooze” time that will almost definitely occur come morning time. The reason I don’t just bin the whole concept along with used condoms for footwear and wire coat hangers for exercise machines, is because I am always worried that I will sleep through my alarm and miss everything, whereas at least in my sleepy state, the automatic impulse to hit the snooze button means that I will hear its tinney, irritating shriek again soon.

I am a weak, weak man.


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