Throwing money around.

It would appear that in the world of wallets, I am a commitophobe. Saturday was the day I left my wallet on the bus, in which sat my bank cards, student ID, semester ticket and €40 of assorted notes. Just in the way it is completely and totally cool to make fun of a man who’s been divorced 3 times or more, it would appear the universe has decided that after 4 wallets in 3 years, it is time to mock me. Not only was I fined another €40 for taking a tram without a ticket on the one day that the ticket inspector is actually present, that said tram was in fact going in the wrong way, having changed directions and me missing the notice thanks to falling asleep. Next came to ringing the RNV Bus Company lost and found department. Where I was greeted with this situation.

“Ok, let me just have a look if we’ve received your wallet… Right, can you describe the wallet to me?”
“It’s black with a Shakespearean quote on the front.”
“ah, yes.”
“Inside is a green driving license with Laurence Williams on it.”
“On the left pocket there’s a blue semester ticket.”
“Alongside which are two English bank cards and a German PostBank card.”
“A Heidelberg University Student card.”
“And a plastic key in the back compartment.”
“Ah yes. No, we don’t have your wallet. Try calling again tomorrow.”

Universe, you have well and truly pwnd me.


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