You’re the plumber? Let me slip into something more comfortable.

So I like totally woke up at 8am this morning. Of my own accord. Yeah that is some damn sexy waking up right there. Of course, I didn’t actually get anything done until around 10am, where I got naked and wet in the shower thingy. Whilst drying myself off in a dressing gown there was a knock at the door and a man had arrived to fix my window. I scanned the hallway to make sure I wasn’t on the set for a porno.

So no more luck on the wallet, however upon arriving home tonight I looked in that one draw that I know I never put anything useful ever, and found the receipt for my semester ticket! Yatta!! So I don’t need to shell out another £140, and can be reimbursed for my fine on the tram. Suck it you legalised companies of public service! YEAH!

In other news, it’s like everyone’s birthday this week, and tracing back 9 months certainly explains why. Best delayed Valentines Day present ever 😀 I would complain that my wallet doesn’t feel the joy from all these expensive birthdays, but y’know, my wallet’s fucked off.


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