Simbä’s döwn there!

In honour of Movember

Saturday saw a fun venture into more German culture, by watching an American film  that happily bases itself from a Shakespearean tragedy and shamelessly rips off a japanese anime. Der König der Löwen was a fun-filled day of childhood memories and 3D nostalgia. Watching The Lion King auf Deutsch was a regularly disorientating experience, the moment Elton John started to sound rather different, I knew I was in for an… interestingtime. As it happens, the German dub might actually have been superior to the original, perhaps because the actors used were ones experienced in Voice Acting and know the tools of a difficult trade. Adult Simba was superb. There were odd changes made, which were fun to spot, one of which was more brutal, during the Hyena’s making a buffet out of Scar, you hear Scar’s voice become a strangled scream of anguish, before tearing into choking cough of death as one of the Hyenas presumably chomped down on his windpipe.

Also, one of the few script changes I noticed (I was listening to the English script in my head the whole time) was when being interrogated for saying “Mufasa”, Bansai the Hyena’s line changed from an improv; “Que pasa?” to “Mit wasser?” (with water). For some reason this really interested me, having spent hours on a Thursday morning translating a joke in Japanese to something culturally relevant to US audiences. I guess Germans are more focused on being hydrated than finding out what’s going on.

And yes, I cried when Mufasa died. Are there any man points left?


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