MJ’s a Pedo! And so can you!


Since yesterday’s post was a tad mushy, here’s something on the other side of life. I’ve found someone to hate! Not that this was a particular ambition of mine, but y’know. Very rarely do people actually annoy me. Sometimes what someone does can… SLIGHTLY IRRITATE, but rarely is it the actual person. He is the epitome of the German word Streber. *listens to German people chuckle* A term which accounts for someone who is a nerd, but is also a kiss ass/suck up whilst not being very nice about it. So the English version would be… Dickheadkissassgeek. Sly, arrogant and rude to the teacher, the boy cuts other people short mid-sentence during a discussion, uses vastly random sources to the arguments so as to bamboozle his arguer and has the audacity to say to others; “if you read it properly”. His word is law and my god do I want to carve a limerick into the wall using his face. And then make him read it.

Mentioning this, it came up in conversation that it’s fun to have someone to hate. People seem to enjoy seeing the worst in others, even when evidence goes the opposite direction. When Michael Jackson was found innocent of paedophilia, the public simply refused to believe this. “Must’ve been fixed” and “They fucked up the case” could be heard for miles. People who knew barely 1/10th of the evidence claimed superior knowledge of the events than those actually involved in it. It’s more fun to believe the worst in people, it’s an attempt not to appear “naive”, as if being pointlessly cynical is in any way better. When asked why, one of the answers is that it’s a way of making yourself feel better by comparison. But to be honest, if you judge your own personality based on whether or not you touch children, I think there’s little that can save you.

Thankfully the boy in my seminar isn’t a rapist. That I know of. He’s just a plain old fashioned dick. Yay for being judgemental!!


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