A most wonderful and frightful doctrine.

The most innocent photo available.

So that was Amsterdam! 4 days of incomprehensible, ball-bustingly bizarre activities that have left my memory, complexion and wallet all the more fucked. City itself; what a town. Unsurprisingly, one of the most chilled out metropolis I’ve ever set foot in, a fact I got to see a lot of as, being the one to volunteer to take the train to Amsterdam, I had 4 hours to spare. An era of time which included being offered a “season of joy” that I would “never forget in whole life” by three members of the female species. Though to be honest, I would’ve rather they bought a season of clothing, because they were frightfully underdressed, the poor girls must’ve been freezing. ^_^ I also met a man who seemed to be trying to scam me by offering to give me a 2 euro coin in exchange for 50c. Upon seeing another man glaring at him, the financial partisan told me off for fellating Barack Obama and promptly fled.

What followed is hard to describe with words of the human capability. We did our bit as students and visited lots of Museums, though I can’t tell my Rembrandt from my Combine Harvester, we got to see many of the… cerebral stimuli that Amsterdam has to offer. Anne Frank’s house being a place of particular effect. The odd sensation of walking through history endowed oneself with a sense of place and humility that shook the mind greatly and I can only offer up the invitation for anyone to experience it, the secret annexe that was both salvation and prison to a normal family united against a storm. Window shopping gained a new perspective since entering the land of very crimson lighting, wiping off those two symmetrical circular smudges everyday must be exhausting. And Starbucks has no right to call itself a coffee shop, that is all.

In finito, was a fantastic (if expensive) excursion. The car ride home was a calm, chilled trip, punctuated by the angriest SatNav ever; what she has it in for the A1, I’ll never know. And Heidelberg never felt more like home than seeing its mountain peering over the horizon, docking a small sign welcoming us upon entry.


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  1. Meeeeeee (byron)
    Dec 08, 2011 @ 03:43:02

    I like Starbucks… 😛
    Glad to hear you had a jolly good time though!


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