Rap a tap tap, get in the sack.


It is vital to your continued existence I make you aware that upon arriving back from Amsterdam, I have had no internet at home. For reasons clearly too German for my simple mind to understand, the modem has just decided to pack up and leave. The internet company shop in town telling me that as I live in the Wieblingen area they “are not authorised to deal with Wieblingen situations” and I will need to ask for help from the Wieblingen branch. Upon asking where this was, I was told “there is no Wieblingen branch”. I’m sorry, what.

That’s not a question. The what is a statement, such is my indescribable state of incomprehension that words have lost all meaning.

So blogging is now saved for when I am in the Anglistik department, and there’s a spare computer. Like right now, I see them, all the other students eyeing me with jealous optic organs, but screw them, I shall continue to type in pure mockery of their wanton internet surfing. Mwahaha.

Been an interesting few days, Wednesday saw a visit to Sarah Town, where aloft with high spirits and energetic bubbles, we cooked Fish fingers and custard, a gallifreyan speciality, and settled down to (what I can safely say) is a bizarrely subtitled “My Neighbour Totoro”. Wednesday was also the night of Christmas Party Committee shenanigans followed by prepatory Shakespearean writing, a la me. The meeting ended on a very soft note, where Gluhwein demonstrated its more amorous qualities. Good to know I still have another week of the Festival to enjoy this further.

Meanwhile, I’m too busy trying to figure out if last night was a dream. There I was tucked up in bed like a good boy, 1am, when came a rap tap tap on my door and there stood who else but Aaron! “Get up you lasz mofo” he did say, “for we’re going gate crashing”. 5 minutes later and myself, Aaron and Zoe were sneaking into a free club on the SRH campus. With some good music, free booze and light entertainment in the form of an overly drunk german student attacking some policemen, we found ourselves an impromptu, enjoyable night of randomness. Our English (and Irish) accents drew in the crowds and soon we had a following, one that led me into town for a bizarre night’s banter. This was most especially fun as the unanimous decision amongst the three of us was the inexplicably high level of eye candy available that evening. For the first time ever… thank you, SRH!

And now the waiting game is being played, for soaring through the sky there be a Byron, ready to touch down in Germany for a few days of riddled excitement and joy! Yatta to this!


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  1. Wanton Soup
    Dec 09, 2011 @ 16:54:49

    You made Friday easier.


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