This is a pie shop, not a herbal crack den.

They turned me into a bird.

Sometimes the sibling rivalry that is the Saturday&Sunday combination commonly known as a “weekend” (though for me that’s when the week really gets going), can be an odd affair of exhaustion competing with pent up anticipation. This weekend however, was little short of fantastic. I am now free from the linguistically endowed and normality challenged Byron, which is currently beetling his way on one of those train thingies before flying back to the land of tea and crumpets.

I am still without internet, so yay to more English Literature department libraries. Saturday was the day of lie-ins and “Pushing Daisies” marathons, another victim of the writers’ strike, but with a lead actor more nom than I could’ve anticipated. Before meeting ye lovely Northerner Matt, his girlfriend of generous smiles, and more than a few Belgians and Frenchies. Seeing the Christmas market with Byron for whom Germany was a brand new experience was absolutely superb, Gluhwein gained a new novelty and the innuendos following a 1/2 meter Bratwurst were as fresh as a young gentleman’s…

We also all went ice skating! Not sure if this was more painful to my backside or pride, having skated once when I was around 7, at a time when I may have been even more graceful and only fallen over 14 times. Saturday evening saw an Amaretto-infused stride through Heidelberg as I may have, in my incredibly organised manner, forgotten the time and missed the last bus into town. It is here, somewhere in the region of 1am, that we entered the Karlstor Bahnhof night club, which actually opened its doors onto the extended dance floor. Byron managed to spare himself many of the introductions as his more than a bit stylish footwear attracted some good attention from the wonderful Bonhoeffer crew. Much alcohol and insidious activities later, and it was a penguin-huddle of a walk through the -7oC mist before collapsing into our respective pillows, hiding from the oncoming sunlight.

Sunday Schloss times followed with Byron doing much of the paying. Ok, pretty much all of the paying. Does this make me his floozy? Having Byron see Heidelberg from the height of the castle inspired more than a few creative discussions, including yet ANOTHER writing project I wish to embark on… let’s see how well this one goes. The ideas are always at their best when first formulated, let’s see what the massacre of writing does to them and if they’re presentable afterwards. A murderous Irish Coffee later and Byron and I curled up with a few Irish ladies and an American lass to watch us some Harry Potter, before descending into a Youtube party. A fantastic weekend of giggles, alcohol, creative shotguns and random obscurities and I am ready to embark on my final week of Heidelberg before Christmas. This time next week, I’ll be on a train back to Guildford. Such a feeling is beyond my fickle and infelicitous words, on Saturday I’ll be on England soil (well, probably tarmac). But before then, got a good 5 days to leave my Heart in Heidelberg, something exceedingly easy to do =)

Wow, long blog.


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  1. Meeeeeee (byron)
    Dec 14, 2011 @ 02:11:51

    Hahaha you are my floozy, I should have asked for sex payment or something damnit! 😛
    Glad to have seen you, was a pretty brilliant weekend! ❤
    Also, I've got a treatment on the go for a music video I'd like your help with whenever you are back for long enough. (aka summer… *sigh*) but I think you will either love it, or call me a weirdo. Either way I want your imput as a co-director or producer or writer or something!
    I'll send it on over to you when I've made it make sense. 😀
    Hope your last week in German-place treats you well! ❤ xx


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