Same time next week?

Since having lost my wallet, to collect whatever little money I have, I’ve had to go into the bank with passport and card details and I am always met with the same gentleman, to the point now where I merely smile and hand over my credentials and he gives me money. I feel like I’m using him. Maybe I should buy him dinner afterwards?

So the days are now clocking until my return to the merryland, and I am scrabbling about to make sure everything here is nice and sorted. Which today meant having to rewrite a presentation as it had accidentally been corrupted because I pulled out the USB stick too quickly. Something I haven’t done since they were first introduced. Can’t say I’m one for pulling out before unloading, but there’s the tricks.

Presentation went well though, so that’s OK then. Even if I may have called Orsen Welles, Laurence Olivier and Shakespeare a tad racist. Accidentally.

Found myself going to lunch with lovely German people a lot more recently, I hope I’m not cramping their Allemagne style. I also had the wonderful fortune of introducing a Bosnian/German friend to Cider last night, “Das ist… pretty damn good.” You bet it is, boy. You bet it is.

Writing is back up, which is nice. Been writing with no actual goal in mind, so the freedom is more than a bit liberating, I’m trying not to worry about the potential cockups that come from writing with no idea of foresight. Still, it’s good to be getting some words down and playing with mah wordzies. However, for now it is drama class/alcohol that follows and then to finish the script for the Anglistik Christmas Party, which I won’t even be there for. Because my life makes sense like that.


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