Vielen Danke

I am filled with a most wondrous joy at the fact my post yesterday has been met with horrifyingly large support, seemingly even German citizens notice the difference when travelling from their lovely country to countries of other walking cultures. Apparently London is the best city to go for a walk in, because everyone is so desperate to get out your way, or will at least announce their anger at another’s inability to walk properly. Yay for social progression?

I have now finally been to the accommodation office so hopefully the second term shall see me living in a new, nicer part of Heidelberg. Though I request to be shot should I start to miss the SRH campus when I am actually living somewhere else. Shot in one limb at a time. Slowly. Somehow.

Everything is beginning to fall into place before my departure, schedules are finally getting sorted and work is actually being done. Tonight I shall be blessed with the appearance of the wonderful, currently Freiburg residing Isabel who is popping up for the night for a time of excitement and giggles. But before then, I have Creative Writing to attend! Oh shit, need to print my piece out. So much for getting all my work done.

Last night was the one and only rehearsal for the MidWinter Night’s Dream before I bugger off to England, and thankfully there’s not much that needs to be done. It’s fantastic after all to actually get to be involved in a Christmas Production, as I was having MADSoc Panto cravings recently, and it’s even more curious to be a completely background person. This time, should someone fall deathly ill, I can’t pop back and learn the lines.

Finally feeling Christmassy, gleeful and content. Coffees by sunset and laughter in the frost, with spices in the air and amorous warmth through the night. And everything is good.


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  1. Meeeeeee (byron)
    Dec 15, 2011 @ 18:00:00

    Fix your bloody internet-ness for skype-times and such! Glad to see you’re happy and doing lots. 🙂


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