Obsessively blogging, me?

Me, at this moment.

I know the word. I say it all the time, so I shall chalk up my accidental title yesterday of Danke instead of Dank to just a natural linguistic mistake. If I forgive English people who’ve been speaking the language for years saying “its” instead of “it’s” then maybe I can let myself go. Maybe. Need to get a hold of myself first.

Currently I am writing this in a printing office as where I should just be printing off work and other honest stuff. This is because the English library closes early on a friday, so hurry with this typing I must! Isabel has just been waved off into a car, she’s doing the mitvagelegeinheit (That isn’t how you spell it), an official online German activity in which people post where they’re travelling to and from, allowing others to request a seat in their car for a small price. Basically a form of online hitchiking. I would suggest it got introduced into England, if I wasn’t so worried about the state of minds of so many of the populace. It directly translates to: “the opportunity to ride with someone”. I love Germany.

The weather was against us today as it pelted down with rain, but we took advantage of the wonderful 3euros for a ride up to the castle and into its ground, which made up for the angry wind and emo rain. She is now off to see her boyfriend which I’m sure will be all loveydovey and ickysticky. Was wonderful to get to see her again before leaving for the holidays, and even more useful to have her around to help translate some of the simplest german language.

I have now been asked to leave =) So shall be hurrying off to my rehearsal now! Before getting suitably drunk and crashing out for my last night’s rest in Heidelberg. Tchuus!


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