Back home.

I am a man of simple pleasures. I like my internet fast, my men sweet and my friends happy. Being the goal oriented prick that I am, there is very little I will stop at to make sure these are achieved. Which brings me to this. I am now in Guildford! After a fantastic weekend at home, which involved many a cat cuddle, cat induced sneezing and cat kicking, I have returned to Guildford. But not before getting the chance to talk to one of my favourite people in the acting business, John Simm. As a surprise guest reader to a public screening of “It’s a Wonderful Life” at the theatre my increasingly-fluffy haired brother works at, he was just chilling and hanging out like your average mister Simm when I grew some balls (and then exchanged them for something far sturdier, like a vagina) and spoke to him. I gushed and shook with excitement but hopefully came off a bit normal, or at best, not mentally deranged. I hope. Was a fantastic, truly brilliant end to a lovely weekend at home.

My favourite song, drumming into my ears as I sat on the train to Guildford, I had found myself completely lost in anticipation, so much so that Guildford Cathedral did the impossible and snuck up on me, just as the song’s drumming sound inside my head that threw me to the ground, ended. I whipped off my iPod and left the carriage. I was in Guildford. The day’s socialising schedule began with a KatPack lunch in Channies, where gossip and entendres flew by. Before heading into Wates house. My second home. What followed were some of the fasted hours I’d ever experienced, not to mention the bit-too-quickly consumed double vodkas that passed through my system. Guilt also hit harder than expected when I found out Claire and Kim had travelled from their respective towns just to visit me, but this emotion was quickly thrown aside in favour of hyperactivity and drunken antics. Especially in the derriere compare department, which I’m afraid Matt still wins.

Bar Med was the next step, off to visit the rambunctious Rosie! Though she was working there were still many a hug and giggle. What I hadn’t expected were even more surprises awaiting to be Laurence’d. Some of which I couldn’t actually begin to appreciate enough, but that certainly contributed to making the evening spectacular. So, yeah. Thank you. Truly.

DINNER TIME occurred and I scuttled back to my new home for the time being, the house of the four headed monster¬†RobWillRosieJen. Be careful for its glitter, glamour and bass-to-mouth could kill you. Hours again seemed to be on the rampage, but before they could speed by, the three of us, reunited again, crashed on Will’s bed for a good hour of the night of laughter and South Park. Sleep arrived and dreams were enjoyed. Today has proven so far to be just as fantastic. I’ve never been the best with moving from place to place, but now I feel the luckiest man around, with not one, but three fantastic homes. My excitement for Heidelberg is already brewing, and my enjoyment of Guildford is in full flow. Christmas is near and laughter is here. So yes, I apologise for this blog post; no attempts at wit, no political or philosophical agenda, just genuine, absolute gratitude and sentimentality. I promise you to be back at my bitter self shortly, but before then I have some TGIs and Ivory to Tickle. Stay classy, blogging In Your Endo.


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