I feel the cold!!


My head has had its clothing layer of hair very much shortened! Not having had my hair cut since I was last in Guildford, I have finally had the three and a half months worth of hair lopped off. My ears proclaim their nakedness to the world.

So the sun has set on my third day in Guildford, and I have returned to my caffeinated state of previous lives. Yesterday saw more coffee enter my system than in a long, long time. First off… EGGNOG LATTES!! Ever since the red cups first appeared I have been craving their sweet, sweet eggnoggy tastes that Germany refuses to indulge in, instead giving us the ridiculous Lebkuchen lattes. Pah. My first eggnog latte was during a giggle date of laughter from my old president and ex sexretary Hannah Pike. I’ll leave that Freudian slip up to you.

After this it was another dose off Caffeine with the Katpack that is Heneghan monster, where all final touches of gossip were finally caught up on. Before enjoying a yummy nommy TGI date with the darlingly awesome Stu Squires, an evening made slightly more bizarre by a waiter who seemed to be flirting with each of us equally. I don’t really know which one of us he preferred. I think it all came down to fashion sense, which I of course win every time. The night was capped off by some Tickling of the Ivory, where hidden under the keys were even more surprises. Turning round from the bar to see two of my old housemates just standing there was a better drunken surprise than I could’ve anticipated. That and the fact Will and I somehow got free entry. Maybe the barmen just felt too sorry for us.

Opportunities come once in a while and sometimes it can feel like the world is at its ends to prevent you from taking them. The difference is knowing when to take an opportunity and when to take advantage of it. It’s fascinating watching how people can become merely goals in others’ eyes. I’m not one for superstition and would never be so arrogant to assume that my life has any significance to the flow of the universe, but when life seems at all odds to turn you away from taking an opportunity, it’s best to roll with it. To go against it would be to turn the opportunity into something it’s not, and then it won’t be the opportunity you’ve been waiting around for.

Rosie and Laurence day was merged with a Kara date, where the topic of breast enlargement, and the necessary increase of handsize came into topic. I also apparently need to dress more like a gay.


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