What day is it?

Even Goku in the background is Christmassy

What are you doing even reading this?! Go away and enjoy some Christmas cheer! Go on, bugger off!!

As it stands, Christmas is here, presents are opened and laughter has been had. The turkey’s now in the oven and the cat’s are getting hungry.

With a good haul, a merry cheer and some champagne on the way, this is looking to be a very special day.

Have a fantastic Christmas, whatever your view, idea or plan should be. Be thankful for those you have and they will be thankful in return, remember those you’ve lost with a fondness and be glad you had the times together. Think of the people who are not blessed with the same good fortune as you, and remember that today should be the day of all days, that you make the best of yourself.  Get drunk, be happy, and don’t take away from anyone else’s joy.

Ich wünsche euch allen einen tollen Tag!


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