“I had to rescue her because she was stutch.”

Talk about over zealous anxiety! Yesterday was absolutely lovely, I was on my quiet streak which was probably a blessing and instead got to listen to all the different adventures and encounters my relatives had enjoyed. Quite boring thing to blog about, I know. Blogs are for talking about yourself, a stream of eulogistic self-consciousness that I have proven to be quite good at rambling about, and thusly it’s so exceptionally nice to be able to listen to a million voices at once, all telling what is essentially the same story; the tale of what has changed them this past year. Talking of change, it is time to devote an ENTIRE SENTENCE to the changes in little Ben and Maya; two cousins born within 6 weeks of each other, both have now hit the two year mark and have changed so much since I last saw them, to have a (albeit gobble-de-gook-infused) conversation with something that you held in your hands just a while ago is more a sign of life’s gift than anything else on this earth.,Big up, chest-punching love to the kids and their deservedly proud parents.

The next few days shall be travelling days!! For I am off to Guildford this afternoon, before hitting up Portsmouth tomorrow to then be back in London for Thursday. So apologies if my blogs become even more drivel focused. Have a good’un, pesky bloggers and we’ll all try to go down one notch on the belt before we see each other again!


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