The fires of Pompey

Me. If I could successfully grow facial hair.

Ow. Ow,  ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, oww… I am 9 words into my blog and that is all I have to say. It had slipped my mind that hanging out in Guildford with a certain friend I am not allowed to name for Legal reasons, can leave one’s slippery mind more than a bit inebriated. I am refusing to look at my bank balance. It’s currently 7.24 am and I have been asleep for just under 5 hours, crashing somewhere in the region of 2.30. I think. It might have been 3.30. The sun had set, I remember that much.

ANYWAY, so yes. Good night out and in with this certain fellow. And Holly, never forget the wonderful Holly who joined halfway through the evening, and proved that it doesn’t take much to coerce a chav into dropping his trousers. Much to our mocking amusement. In a couple of hours I shall be heading out to Pompey, another place I only vaguely know through alcohol-induced greetings. Time feels different when the sun is lazy, it’s 7am but feels much, much earlier thanks to the lack of sunlight. Waking up when it’s still dark almost always fills me with a tingle of excitement, I assume this is because it reminds me of leaving early in the morning to go on holiday when I was but a wee lad. Either that, or I am in fact a truly nocturnal animal who sees darkness as an opportunity…

This time last week, Claire had come up from Portsmouth to see me (a surprise I still value) so I am merely returning the favour, gays get tentative if we don’t return favours, that’s why intercourse is such a give-and-take experience. Moving on, it shall be a wonderful day and hopefully my intoxication the previous night (which based off my sideways wobbles into walls, is not cured) shall not require any hospital visits that’ll negatively affect the day. I’ve received a few anon messages recently asking why I don’t philosophise about random crap anymore, to which I answer that I shall, I am merely saving up all my philosophologicabilitisationalness for another time. I didn’t realise anyone even paid attention to my musings, even less so to request them… Plus, most of this blog’s “philosophising” (an unfittingly complimentary term) is focused on the universe of Germania, which is a bit difficult to comment on when in England. You wouldn’t want me to just philosophise about any old thing now, would you? Why, that’d make me a philosophy whore!!


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  1. Meeeeeee (byron)
    Dec 31, 2011 @ 05:53:26

    Hello you e-mail spamming blog-person! Am I seeing you before you leave for Germany mister Williams?


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