Nighty Night

A Preview

Like a child needing to poop in Church, evidently I just hate staying still. Today is the day to visit Chippenham, a decision made last night that will not be cheap but shall be rich in ceremony and alcohol. New Years is upon us and it’s time to forget this year ever happened, and so I have decided to take upon an offer laid before many eons ago by the sumptuous and highly ephemeral Thomas of Vlietstradom. His wisdom and evident beauty are beyond most mortal’s comprehension.

I told you I could write fiction.

It would be a lie to say I was sad to see this year go, whilst 2010 was the year of my gaining confidence, through getting involved in University and respective societies, enjoying finally being single, and actually appreciating the skin I’m in… 2011 was the year a lot of this sort of slipped under; I made more than a few ill-judged decisions, feel still that I let people down and couldn’t be all that I think I should have. There were also experiences I would never wish upon anyone. Things perked up towards the end; feeling settled in a new country, making new fantastic friends in Germany, but I see these happy moments as more a preview of what should hopefully be coming in 2012 rather than an achievement of 2011. So yes, hopefully, with new achieved confidence I can look forward to the new year, and if my life continues to work in alternates, then 2012 will be a fantastic year, just in time for the world to end and we all end up in some Mayan death thing.

Err… Happy New Year Everyone!!

I’m gonna be a cowboy! xD


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