Warten am Flughafen


From delays, to random stops, replacement buses that left me stranded in Finsbury Park, and oil leaks big enough to make BP blush, it would appear that, aside from unnecessary strikes and bitching about wages, train drivers have certain agendas, that is making travel for anyone leaving Guildford for a particular amount of time, absolute hell. When leaving Guildford for London before finally vanishing into the land of Germany, South West trains did everything they could to make the day all the more difficult. The same could then be said for yesterday evening, when heading home for a final British dinner, I was met with not only delays, but mathematical incompetence in the form of “the train’s arrival has moved from 6.35 to 6.55, creating a delay of seven minutes.” Now, I may have stopped Maths at 16 but even I know that 55 minus 35 is 92. :/

There’s no way the German’s would put up with such petulant scheduling. Oh yeah, speaking of which, I am now back in the lovely Deutschland! However, having gotten through passport security and the ol’ baggage land by 3:02pm, I was then 2 minutes late for my bus, giving me a wonderful 3 hours of nothing. Not having internet at home (until I throttle a few chickens at Kabel BW), my debit card decided it would be unfair to be internetally deprived for any longer than necessary! With an easy flight back home, I was spared the boredom of my inner thoughts by chatting and getting to know a lovely American lass, with the pair of us spending most of the flight comparing the American-Irish-Anglo cultural differences. I think she beat me at it. 😦

It’s been a truly great holiday, and the two day extension to see even more peepies was definitely worth it, and now, yeah. I’m ready to return to Huggleberg, I think there were some things I definitely had to do that could not have been accomplished without the extra two days. I am now experiencing a feeling I shall christen as Kicherngluck! 😀 Heidelberg suddenly feels so close and this next month looks to be just as exciting and bizarre as the previous four, unfortunately this will also be the big work month, where my essays and revision actually begins to kick into gear, but on some odd, geeky level, this feels me with an incomprehensible excitement, dusted with a sense of curiosity. My post-February plans are as foggy as the Frankfurt sky of depression, as I am awaiting many a placement opportunity to get back to me, clearly they’re just playing hard to get, either that or want me to beg like a dog.



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