Swing of things

Greetings humans, pests and females alike! Heidelberg is back in action and it’s alles gut from here! Now, this may come as a surprise to you, but I am absolutely pathetic when it comes to, y’know, NOT losing things. So to add to the list of me being a plum, I somehow misplaced my German SIM card, leading to today’s most recent purchase. If you can’t guess what that is, then turn around and leave. A giraffe, of course.

So I think that brings up the amount of money I’ve spent on phones in Germany to a delectable €190. Christ alive.

Upon arriving at the SRH campus in the dead of yesterday’s evening, I lay down my stuff and looked around the room, it was odd to be back, especially in the quiet recesses of an internet-free room, so I bumbled down to the Kitchen, spending time with Alex and his Italian comraderies before chilling with Tanya, Neil and the two French Fancies, Nico and Thomas. This invariably led to a trip to the Hard Rock Cafe, which besides its name’s implications, has very soft cushions. Catching up with the Americans, Canadians and of course any of the Brits who happened to be around, created a healthy serving of happy for my first night back in Heidelberg.

The time has come to get stuck back into Recent Irish Novels, which grow steadily less recent every day.


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