A predicabubblement

I am in a highly Hamlet-esque predicament, only with more laziness and less fancying-my-mother. Looking on my blog today, I saw even more Google Adverts and Promotional stickers, something that gets grafted onto free sites to help maintain their traffic, as other companies hope all you, apparently, susceptible readers will then click their links. BE STRONG YOUNG ONES!! DO NOT GIVE IN! Though their adverts are flashy, they merely sport the vulgar colours of horrific commercialism!

Whilst this is a compliment to the site that other companies want to hog in on its “popularity”,  suddenly I am tied as the suffocation of modern day materialism chokes my free speech focused ramble of a website. Do I continue as I’m going and accept the leeching websites that plague my beautiful site or do I… I don’t really know what the alternative is. Write something even worse than I’m writing now?

I suppose I could pay for my domain, but wouldn’t that be just giving in to the tickling whispers of the money devil in my ear?

There is no room in this world for a pretentious rambler like me.


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