You’re in safe hands. Of butter fingers.

A rather hot date.

In times of great need, it is good to know that we have the safety services ready and waiting. Well, not if you live in SRH campus. In SRH you are expected to burn alive and continue paying rent until your contract ends. Coming back from the kitchen, Yemi, Zoe and I were met with the odd sight of our home building flashing red, and a tinny siren screeching through the night air. What we also noticed was the lack of any actual action happening, one or two people sort of milling about outside, but otherwise everyone else going about their daily business. Walking into the foyer, the lifts were all open and lights flashing, whilst the central alarm system registered the alarm as having already been going for the past half hour. Never having been briefed on what to do during fire, we wandered upstairs before a security guard waddled past telling us to get outside, so we did.

And it was fucking freezing. Seriously, a fire would have at least warmed us up.

Fifteen minutes later, and 45 minutes after the initial alarm went off, the authorities arrived to check out the situation. Turns out they didn’t know what set off the fire so just sent us back to our rooms. Presumably so if the cause of the alarm had been a fire in one of our rooms, we could find out for ourselves and confirm this fact.

With our death. 😐


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  1. Wanton Soup
    Jan 17, 2012 @ 19:02:18

    We dont need no water….


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