Unhatched eggs

Answers that old question.

I hate that girls can wear boots. I love boots. Boots are amazing. Nice top, good jeans and then half-shin boots are fucking cool. Once a guy tries to wear a pair of high-legged beauties it’s all “someone wants to be a cowboy!” and whilst I would always rather ride a cowboy than a horse, this continues to be an issue. In one of the few advantages allowed, fashion remains to be a relative fix for the ladies, whereas for men, once you move out of the T-shirt and Jeans realm of clothing, you’re making a statement. Europe generally is more happy for jumpers over shirts, scarves under tops, and… eugh, polo shirts, but that’s still sticking to the same two-part piece of clothing, even a shirt over a tshirt is now considered trying to be indie. By other guys. The stereotype of woman being fashionably judgemental should’ve died in the water a long time ago but still it exists, despite that boys tend to be even more vicious, often because they refrain from exploring fashion for fear of the same ridicule they then give to those who do.

I have a habit of trying to keep good news on the down low, otherwise I find excitement breeds too quickly and should plans not go as, well, planned… then the disappointment is just a further irritation. Over the past week I’ve been mentioning to people that *hopefully* I was going to be able to move out of SRH Campus and into my friend’s room in the Altstadt, a larger room, with a kitchen in actual near proximity and deep in the heart of the town. This naturally, through chinese whispers, bred into a fact that I would be moving into this room, which as it turns out this morning, is very much not the case. Communication errors, bureaucratic fuck ups and ridiculous office hours has left me back at square one in regards to looking for new accommodation. Much like with the publication a couple of posts ago, I normally try not to mention it until it transcends from potential to definite. It seems the ones I mention preemptively are the ones that mess up and become what they aren’t. Not to matter, back to the application for new accommodation, trying to get round the 2 week set back this communication error created and still trying. If it doesn’t work and I remain in SRH, there’s still plenty of things to be happy about, so bleh šŸ˜€


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